Hello to all you fellow motorhomers and welcome.
I hope you get as much fun reading this as I do writing it.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Acquiring a Dog

 Rescue Dog or Puppy from a breeder

This is question that pops up when a family want a dog.

This question makes me feel a little guilty on two counts;-

  1. I have never had a rescue dog.

  2. I am one of those people who breeds dogs occasionally
    (a guilty pleasure).

My reasons for having a puppy;-
  • Training a puppy is easier and more effective.  I enjoy the training and the bond it creates between the dog and me. 
  • Rescue dogs bring baggage with them.  It is often difficult understanding why they have certain behaviours. Modifying these takes a long time, sometimes never fully succeeding.  I am not sure I could make such a commitment.  I admire hugely those who do.

What I do not understand though is with the number of dogs in various rescue centres in this country why do so many people get rescue dogs from abroad?

During my campsite visit just recently I discovered most of the people I met walking their dogs were rescue dogs from overseas.
I would be very interested to know the reason people adopt dogs from other countries.

Whatever dog you do get they offer so much.

How we came to acquire Ruby was really strange.
Despite this she was the most amazing dog which is why I wrote abut her.
(If I could not write a book about her I would not be able to write books).
She changed my life


Monday, 28 September 2020

Photo(s) of the Month (Sept 2020)

 September's Photo of the Month reflects the Read of the Month
(The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben)

I love trees; everything about them but especially the different shapes they make.

Choosing just one photo has been difficult so I have selected 5 photographs.

Which is your favourite? A  B  C  D  or  E

                                       Tree Stumps

             Small Group of Trees at Sunset

             Twisting and Turning

                       Is it a photo or a painting?

                   Landmark: Line of Trees

Monday, 21 September 2020

Off Again

 No post again this week.
Off again doing research for my next book.

This is a sequel to my previous one
"Wonderful Walks from Dog-friendly Campsites"

No matter how much research and preparation I do before I go I always find my expectations are exceeded; frequently in a good way but occasionally not.

So it was with my visit this time to East Sussex.

I went to the Runt-in Tun Pub which had a campsite behind it.
What a lovely place, especially for dogs.
The back of the campsite led out to some fields and an amazing wood.

Considering the ReadoftheMonth quite appropriate.

It was a huge wood with amazing trees.
The wood had obviously been left untouched for years if not decades.
As a consequence there are many fallen trees which together with the living ones create intricate and unusual patterns and shapes

I assume to engage with younger people someone had
"decorated" the wood.
Apparently at the bottom of some trees were doors;
 entrances for fairies.
When the doors were opened
the name of the fairy was inscribed on the inside.


Unfortunately I did not find any doors

but I did find
painted spiders and
wool spider webs
and excitingly a "black bin",

So if you go to the woods perhaps YOU will find the "Fairy Doors


Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Read of the Month (Sept 2020)

 The reasons why I have embraced non-fiction books is because they

  • increase my knowledge 
  • expand my understanding of events
  • allow me to look at things from a different perspective 
Most importantly so many books illuminate the wonders of the world

This is especially so of this month's Read of the Month

The Hidden Life of Trees


Peter Wohlleben

The author is German.  
It has been translated by Jane Billinghurst

He is a forester and talks about trees as a "carer".  A most unusual way.
What he said I found surprising and at times even emotional.

I now look at all trees in a completely different way.
Also I now feel trees are as important to our plant. 
They need to be preserved and nurtured just like a lion or any other animal.

I wish to learn more about trees;
  • the different types
  • the flowers they have
  • the fruit
  • how they are different
  • how they are the same.

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

An Unexpected Adventure


 This post is late because I was off researching for my next book.

Wifi was poor at the campsite unless you paid for it.
The problem with this 

  • I am never sure how long to purchase this facility
  • When or if I will actually use it. (Too busy walking etc)
Therefore I tend not to buy any wifi time. 
I catch up with everything when I am back.

Where did I go?


Chickerell  near Weymouth 

The Walking was amazing as was the countryside.

It was the weather which made my stay so different.

The Wind
I'm not sure if it was the cause but the catch on the habitation door broke
Result; unable to close the door.
My first effort a bungee cord failed miserably.  The wind blew it wide open.
Help from neighbouring pitch.
Use the long dog lead and 2 anchor points.

All day and night as Storm Francis moved in the wind howled louder and louder
The motorhome was buffeted about rocking from side to side
Rather frightening.
I did wonder if it would blow down the slope or roll over.
Despite this I managed to get to sleep; the door did not blow open
All was well.

It was inconvenient having to tie up the door to secure it 
and then climb out of the driver's door. 

It did not stop Pearl and me exploring the countryside.

Pearl and I found some lovely walks enjoying the sun when it put in an appearance and dodging the showers especially the downpours.