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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Help Protect the Wonderful British Countryside

As a result of my research for the forthcoming book I realized just how wonderful and varied the countryside is as these photos show.

The countryside is a precious and finite resource so we must protect it.

This is very difficult to do as an individual.  But, by joining other like-minded people it is possible to have a greater influence.

The members of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England are passionate about our countryside. A great many of them are volunteers with a wealth of experience of engineering, local government, planning etc.  
However at times it is necessary to pay for some services. 


    You can support the CPRE by making a regular donation.  
    I make a monthly donation of only £3.00 (the price of cup of coffee).  Having a regular   donation even just a small one allows the CPRE to budget.

My target is to sign up 10 people.  
I hope they in turn will sign up at least 2 other people.

Go to 
and click "Become a Member " tab and follow instructions.

I would like to thank all those who have sign up.
I hope you all continue to enjoy the fabulous countryside.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Pearl Gained a Certificate

Pearl and I have been so busy I have not had time to update my blog.
What have we been doing?

First there were Pearl's puppies to look after and find homes.

This was not difficult just time consuming.  People from all over were interested in them.

Second Pearl auditioned for a part in a play at the Ustinov Studio of the Theatre Royal Bath.  She was successful. As a result she had 20 performances.

The Ustinov Studio is an intimate theatre with only a small space separating the stage from the audience. Not once did Pearl leap from the stage to the audience.

When any of the family came to see the play it was essential Pearl did not see them enter the building. She did very well. Her entrances were brilliant though sometimes she was so excited she rushed about a bit too much.

She absolutely loved the experience.

The dog trainer the theatre used suggested I enroll Pearl with a specalized Film and TV agency.

The Film and TV training and registration weekend was just last week. Pearl and I had to do a variety of tasks. It was hard work but Pearl and I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Pearl obtained her certificate and is now registered with the agency.


Pearl has an agent!!!!!

Will she get work?

Watch this space