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Saturday, 13 November 2021

Busy Time (Puppies 1)

 My intention to post regulrly, every week failed miserably.

First there were the maps to complete for my next walking book

Then on 2nd November Pearl had 6 puppies,

       Pearl's 3rd litter next day

Pearl was much more relaxed than I was. This was primarily due to the fact that on hearing she was going to have puppies, people reagaled me stories of puppy mishaps and how lucky I was to have had such successful litters.

This litter has been a surprise.
Pearl was very big in the days just before she gave birth.
Either she was going to have a big litter or big puppies.
I hoped it would be a big litter as big puppies could be a serious problem.

As it turned out she had quite a small litter;
6 puppies all of a similar size 
all dogs(no bitches)
and a range of colour from deep fox red to very pale
(her previous litters were mostly fox red with just one pale one)

The litter of 6 all lying on top of each other

Having a litter all of the same sex is not unusual.
However this has created a problem for for me.
The reason I had a third litter is to keep the darkest bitch.
No bitch.  So what to do?
It is not possible for Pearl to have another litter.

So I am going to keep the darkest boy.

This is going to be a new chapter;
A novel and challenging experience.

Whether or not I will have another litter 
only time will tell..

I have no idea what to call him.
Suggestions welcome.
There is a bottle of wine for the best one.

Here are some photos of the litter when they were 8 days old