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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Read of the Month (Sept 2020)

 The reasons why I have embraced non-fiction books is because they

  • increase my knowledge 
  • expand my understanding of events
  • allow me to look at things from a different perspective 
Most importantly so many books illuminate the wonders of the world

This is especially so of this month's Read of the Month

The Hidden Life of Trees


Peter Wohlleben

The author is German.  
It has been translated by Jane Billinghurst

He is a forester and talks about trees as a "carer".  A most unusual way.
What he said I found surprising and at times even emotional.

I now look at all trees in a completely different way.
Also I now feel trees are as important to our plant. 
They need to be preserved and nurtured just like a lion or any other animal.

I wish to learn more about trees;
  • the different types
  • the flowers they have
  • the fruit
  • how they are different
  • how they are the same.

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