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Monday, 21 September 2020

Off Again

 No post again this week.
Off again doing research for my next book.

This is a sequel to my previous one
"Wonderful Walks from Dog-friendly Campsites"

No matter how much research and preparation I do before I go I always find my expectations are exceeded; frequently in a good way but occasionally not.

So it was with my visit this time to East Sussex.

I went to the Runt-in Tun Pub which had a campsite behind it.
What a lovely place, especially for dogs.
The back of the campsite led out to some fields and an amazing wood.

Considering the ReadoftheMonth quite appropriate.

It was a huge wood with amazing trees.
The wood had obviously been left untouched for years if not decades.
As a consequence there are many fallen trees which together with the living ones create intricate and unusual patterns and shapes

I assume to engage with younger people someone had
"decorated" the wood.
Apparently at the bottom of some trees were doors;
 entrances for fairies.
When the doors were opened
the name of the fairy was inscribed on the inside.


Unfortunately I did not find any doors

but I did find
painted spiders and
wool spider webs
and excitingly a "black bin",

So if you go to the woods perhaps YOU will find the "Fairy Doors


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