Hello to all you fellow motorhomers and welcome.
I hope you get as much fun reading this as I do writing it.

Monday, 16 January 2012

More Problems

It seems as if it never rains but it pours.
During the few days away I noticed that it seemed very damp behind the cushions next to the oven. Was this just condensation because the temperature was below freezing during the night or is it symptomatic of someting more serious? The habitation check due in March ought to answer this conundrum.
Then as we came home on Saturday and I was parking up the motorhome there seemed to be a leak from somewhere underneath the bonnet. I had another look today and there is something there. No idea what. Will have to investigate.Does not look good.

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Rewards

Last night the temperature dropped. As forecast it did go below freezing.  
This morning when I took the dogs out for their first run of the day (a quick short walk so that they can go to the toilet hence its moniker toilet walk) it was beautiful. The trees, bush and grass were cover in a delicate lacy frost, a white mist blanketed the ground and above it all the upper branches of the trees thrust up into a sky that gradually changed from white to a subtle pale blue and a bright half moon shining out in defiance.
It was warm and cosy in bed and I only got up because I could hear the dogs moving around and knew that they needed to go out. The beautiful sight that I encountered during the walk was compensation enough. A hot cup of tea on my return to the van started the day off well

Setting Off

When I set off after a period at home I have very mixed feelings.  My over riding one is of excitement and anticipation at going off to discover new and different places. Then as the motorhome is made ready and the time for departure approaches I get rather anxious about it.  First off will it start? When I first got it this was a recurring problem. If it starts will it actually go? Will there be something mechanically wrong with it to prevent me leaving.
This time was no different except I did find a piece of pipe under the vehicle. I checked with my mechanic. It is a job that will need doing, the end of the exhaust needs replacing, but it did not stop me from being able to go off for a few days.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Away at Last

I was disappointed that I did not manage to get away for the New Year as planned due to a cold. 
I have decided to go away for a few days this week because
  • my cold is now better,
  • the weather forecast does not look too bad,  
  • I need to check the van out before the habitation service so that any faults can be rectified then. I think there is a problem with the pump in the bathroom,
  • if I don't get away soon I may not have the opportunity as our dog Amber looks like she is going to have puppies. Once they come I will not be able to go away until they go to their new homes.
My hesitation about her having puppies, even though all the signs indicate so, is that last time she had a phamton pregnancy. She exhibited all the signs but there were no puppies. She was so convinicing that it was not until just before she was due that I became aware of the situation. Of course the vet confimed this.

Here are Ruby, on the right and Amber on the left having a swim.

Today we are off to the Camping and Caravan Club site at Devizes, I hope.  Tried to look for late availability on the website, but was unable to.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Oops already slipped up!!!!

Here it is 3 days into the new year and I have yet to post an entry. My reason is simple- I have been busy setting up a website to accompany this. As expected it is VERY time consuming but once done adding additional entries should be quicker and easier.
I had hoped to go away for the New Year.
I wanted to go back to Stowford Farm Meadow  in Combe Martin Devon. I went there during the summer with my 2 daughters because they have riding stables there and we all wanted to go riding. 

With us all being of a different standard it is difficult to find something appropriate for us all. The way they organized the riding was something I had not encountered before but it suited us as we could all ride together. It allowed the more experienced of my daughters to have a decent workout but at the same time my other daughter had the opportunity to safely practice the faster paces in a mannar similar to that when hacking. 
Also there were some good places to exercise the dogs and places to socialize or just surf the net. All in all a good place for long winter nights.
As it transpired by the time I made the decision they no longer had any places.  This was just as well as just after Christmas I developed first a sore throat then a streaming nose and finally a horrible cold. All I wanted to do was to stay curled up in bed.
Being in the van on a cold winter's night was the last place I wanted to be.