Hello to all you fellow motorhomers and welcome.
I hope you get as much fun reading this as I do writing it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Read of the Month (Apr 2021)

So the vaccine roll out has gone well. 
Over 30 million have received a first dose
and of those over 5 million have received a second.

This time around after the third lockdown 
restrictions are being lifted more slowly.
There is about 5 weeks between each alteration
to allow time for sufficient data to be available 
to monitor changes in the impact
of the virus.

So next week we come to a significant time
for everyone.

At last we can meet up with people in small groups 
but outside only.

We can travel further afield 
for pleasure
But not abroad yet.
Having just seen the high rate of infection
in so many other countries
(there seems to be a 3rd wave in progress)
hopefully most people will stay in the UK.

What does this mean for people like me?

I can go out in my motorhome.

I can explore the countryside

For the time being we have to stay outside.
(No socializing inside yet)
We have to sit, talk and walk outside.

With the weather getting warmer and the days lengthening
there is more opportunity to be outside for longer.
Taking extensive walks across the countryside is 
possible without having to rush.

This too is good for me

I have plenty of time to find fabulous walks.

and discover the
 hidden gems of the 
British country side.

This is why I have decided

This month the Read of the Month will be my book

Wonderful Walks 

  • It suggests places to visit in the UK
  • It gives detailed instructions of 2 walks;
    a short one and an all day one.
Perfect for current restrictions. 

Dogs are optional.
I take mine everywhere with me. 

Buy it here

Monday, 29 March 2021

Photo of the Month (Mar 2021)

I am looking forward to travelling around the UK
researching for my next book 
and taking more photos of 
the amazing countryside.

So this month I have included landscape photos from


View from wood over fields



View from top of hill at Onecote, Staffs


A lake at Dale Valley 

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Walking for the NHS (part 2)

I am still happy
to attempt to
walk 1000 miles 

Soon I will be off researching
for my next walk book)

 Since my last post the situation has changed.

  1. Though I would like to raise money for NHS staff
    the  practicalities are complex.
  2. The Scottish government have recognized the NHS
    (They have offered a 4% pay rise backdated to December)
  3. A petition has been set up by Matthew Tovey a nurse
    The demand is for a 15% pay rise.
    I think this might be a step too far for the government.
    Anything more than the current 1% is progress.
Show your support for the NHS
Sign the petition
to persuade the government
to increase the pay offer
Claps are not enough👏👏👏

Sign now and share

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Walking for the NHS

One of the saving graces of lockdown
has been being able to 
walk with Pearl

Like all of us 
I am so grateful that the efforts of our key workers
have enabled me to continue to walk Pearl.

The support for the NHS is huge
as demonstrated by the weekly clap
and is evident everywhere.

I am very saddened to hear that
the government has seen fit to give them a paltry 1%
(MPs got 3.1%)

I rarely go in for sponsorship. 
(The only one I can remember was over 12 years ago.
I walked the Great Wall of China for the Meningitis Trust.
I raised a wonderful £5000) 

I am contemplating doing a similar challenge

Pearl and I are willing to do 
A 1000 mile Countryside Walk

If every adult in the country sponsored me
just 10p a mile
I would raise a huge amount of money 
Then each NHS staff could have a bonus

For those interested in figures and details
I calculate

At 10p a mile from every adult
that would be £100 per person.
With approx 50million people
(50 million x 100)
£5,000, 000,000

I am very aware that many people
who have lost their jobs because of Covid
will not be able to do this.

  • Why don't the "wealthy" people contribute more
    (say £1000)
  • Those companies who have done well
    (supermarkets/Amazon etc)
    should also make a significant contribution
    (eg £100 per store)
  • MP's could contribute more
If this were to happen 

each NHS staff member 
1.6 million of them
could receive a bonus of 

This would be standard for everyone in the NHS.
Every person's job was vital,
irrespective of their salary.

I would love to know what you think.

Contact me on FB
Motorhome Musings

Friday, 5 March 2021

Read of the Month (Mar 2021)

It was World Book Day 
(1st Thursday in March)

Various "book" events are held around the UK.
This is to encourage reading,
especially among children.

This celebration
was instigated in 1995 by
(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
to promote

  • reading
  • publishing
  • copyright
Why do we celebrate World Book Day in March
and the rest of the world on 23rd April?

To avoid all the other celebrations that occur then
namely, St George's Day, Easter, Shakespeare etc.

Because of the pandemic the theme this year is

"Share a Story"

This month I would like to share 2 books

They are 
  • informative (non-fiction)
  • easy to read
  • connected to radio 

They are however very different.

And Now 

As it says on the cover 
the book
celebrates our National Obsession

However it is a fascinating account of 
all the different aspects of weather
and how some of them affect the UK.

The second book would be classified 
as a "Table Book"
(It is very large and heavy)
This does not make it any less interesting.

 The Big Book
Classical Music


Again there is a clear explanation on 
the book cover.

Each page contains
interesting facts about classical music
that occurred on the same day.

A book to dip into.



Sunday, 28 February 2021

After Lockdown

Weather is glorious.
Spring tomorrow.

Travel in the motorhome is not allowed
because of Lockdown.
Good news.
We will soon be able to use our motorhome to visit places.

Campsite in Devon

 When I was travelling about
 the south of England last summer 

I discovered a couple of faults:-

  • my fridge was smelling oddly
  • one of the trims on a wheel arch was loose
  • a hinge on the habitation door had snapped

With winter approaching and a lockdown imminent 
I decided to wait until the January to deal with this.

As I discovered the repairs were rather expensive.
However I do now have a new fridge.
Although it has a black generic door 
it still blends in with the décor.


The replacement hinge was ridiculously expensive
Yes £100.00 just for a hinge.

With the van having to go back
to the rustproofing workshop
for the annual check up
I asked if they could weld the hinge
(they are expert welders).
They kindly agreed.
The van goes into the workshop middle of March.
Again I have to empty it as much as possible
so that it won't be too heavy for the ramp.

When it comes back it will need cleaning and polishing.
Not my favourite job.
(I am going to clean the inside before it goes to the workshop).

Just to loose wheel arch trim to sort.
Hope this will be done next week.

Then Pearl and I can think about going away.

Pearl  would drive it
to her favourite places
if she could 

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Freedom and My Motorhome

Being a member of several Facebook motorhoming groups
has been illuminating.
It appears the default position is the facility motorhomes
give owners to wild camp; to pull off the road at any convenient place to spend the night.

It also seems to me they travel long distance to get to places
but I am not sure what they do when they get there. 

For me 

My dog and my motorhome on a campsite
My motorhome

    I love my motorhome,

    But I like using campsites with some facilities
    (electric hook up, toilets and showers)

This gives me freedom.

The freedom 

  • So my dog can come with me
  • To explore interesting and different places to walk
  • To mitigate the constrictions of my diet (I can cook on the motorhome)
  • To be able to make the best of British weather
  • To arrange things to suit me
  • To be able to travel with or without company (human)
Snowy Swiss Alps
Swiss Alps 


As with everything there are constraints:
  • The need to empty waste water and toilet
  • The need to fill with clean fresh water
  • Ensure safety of people and belongings
  • It is difficult to drive and look around
  • Using toilets and showers is unusual
  • Washing up is a novel activity 
  • Finally the unique drawback;
    using the motorhome for day trips requires packing everything away.

I like to stay in one place for a few days and
explore the surrounding area on foot
with my trusty four-legged companion.

Walking with my dog on a campsite
Me and my companion

It seems the default for motorhomers is to wild camp.
This is not for me because being a solo traveller

  • Safety is a concern
  • Unease due to mechanical breakdown
  • Keeping supplied off grid is too demanding for me.

I can see that there are
 different freedoms for different people.

My only caveat is the "Country Code" mantra

Leave No Trace

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Photo of the Month (Feb 2021)

It is really cold.
Many of the plants are wilting.
Even so some small shoots are peeping through
A few have even flowered.
These are mostly snowdrops.
The daffodils are not far behind.

Snowdrops braving the cold.


Snowdrops in the churchyard

A profusion of snowdrops

Daffodils in the woods

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Stick and Flick

 This post is going to be a bit of a rant.


Because of this.

What idiot thinks it is ok to do this?

  • Good; to pick up your dog mess
  • Bad; not to bin it.  


  1. Who is going to collect this and bin it?
    (The fairies?)
  2. It is unsightly.
     (Spoils the countryside for everyone else.)
  3. It is dangerous for wildlife.
     (The plastic is bad for all animals)
  4. It takes years to decompose.
    (If not bagged the contents decompose in months)

So what to do.

Various organizations responsible for outdoor spaces such as the National Trust and Forestry Commission are now promoting a new approach;


When your dog messes
Find a stick and
flick it into the bottom of a hedge. 

Doing this also helps to reduce the time need for the mess to decompose;
weeks rather than months. 

Over the past few months I have seen so many full poo bags.

Please everyone stop this disgusting habit and 


Thursday, 4 February 2021

Read of the Month (Feb 2021)

Over the years I have travelled all over Europe in my motorhome.

Initially I required many maps
and frequent stops
to ensure
I was going in the right direction. 

Nowadays I still use maps (often on the laptop)
but when actually on the road a SatNav is essential

Finding the way has always been a challenge
from earliest times.

To help lines were drawn on maps and sketches.
These we now call 

Using Latitude was easy because;-

  • They were all parallel
  • Star patterns were unique to each line. 
This is how Columbus first sailed the Atlantic

Longitude was totally different.
For centuries being unable to calculate longitude
hampered travel especially by ship.

The Read of the Month for February is
the resolution of this problem
which is the beginning of the
invention of the SatNav



Dava Sobel

This is a fascinating account
In the process explaining
why 0 degrees goes through Greenwich.

I was also reminded of the "Watch" episode of 
Only Fools and Horses.
The watch they had in the garage was sold for £millions