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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

An Unexpected Adventure


 This post is late because I was off researching for my next book.

Wifi was poor at the campsite unless you paid for it.
The problem with this 

  • I am never sure how long to purchase this facility
  • When or if I will actually use it. (Too busy walking etc)
Therefore I tend not to buy any wifi time. 
I catch up with everything when I am back.

Where did I go?


Chickerell  near Weymouth 

The Walking was amazing as was the countryside.

It was the weather which made my stay so different.

The Wind
I'm not sure if it was the cause but the catch on the habitation door broke
Result; unable to close the door.
My first effort a bungee cord failed miserably.  The wind blew it wide open.
Help from neighbouring pitch.
Use the long dog lead and 2 anchor points.

All day and night as Storm Francis moved in the wind howled louder and louder
The motorhome was buffeted about rocking from side to side
Rather frightening.
I did wonder if it would blow down the slope or roll over.
Despite this I managed to get to sleep; the door did not blow open
All was well.

It was inconvenient having to tie up the door to secure it 
and then climb out of the driver's door. 

It did not stop Pearl and me exploring the countryside.

Pearl and I found some lovely walks enjoying the sun when it put in an appearance and dodging the showers especially the downpours.

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