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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

At last We are Off

Not long now.
Pearl and I are off
tomorrow morning
on our first outing of 2021
to continue our research for our next book
another walk book from campsites.

Like everything since the pandemic was declared
this is different to previous excursions.

The biggest difference is that I have booked
many days if not weeks in advance.
I have had to do this because everyone
is holidaying in the UK
for obvious reasons
so unusually everywhere is rapidly
fully becoming booked.

Previously I would only book a pitch
a day or so before I arrived and only
for a couple of days just in case
the campsite was not suitable 
for my book.

So I booked the campsites I wanted to visit
starting from the very day
the government allowed travel.

One campsite prove unsuitable
as I was not prepared to pay £3.00
a night for Pearl!!!!! 
Shame as it looked a lovely place.
I had to spend a great deal of time 
looking for a different one close by.

Then a week before Pearl and I
were due to set off
she came into season.
I did NOT want to be away during this time.  
She finds it uncomfortable
I do not enjoy taking her for walks
especially in strange places.

So I had to change our bookings.
One campsite could not accommodate us;
the other could and the new place
accepted our booking.

We are off tomorrow. Hurray.

I am a bit nervous.
It is such a long time since
I was last out in it.
Reminding myself how things work
and checking that they are in order
is time consuming.
Trying to remember everything is onerous.

This has been a been a very busy week.
In addition to preparing the motorhome
in the usual way; food; water; clothes etc
I have had it washed and polished
and I need a broken hinge repaired.

This is another saga as a new on costs £100.00.
A lot for a hinge I think.
I found a metal company to make a new one.
Organizing the removal of the hinge,
getting it to the centre of town
collecting it and replaced is tricky.

I hope it will be ready this morning
otherwise I have a BIG problem.

I was also hoping to renew
the external markings and
add some additional graphics. to the outside
The company has not got back to me
so this will have to wait now.

I will be glad when I actually set off.
Unfortunately it is rather a long drive.
When I finally arrive I can have a rest

I hope the weather holds.

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