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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Why oh Why!!

It is wonderful to be out in my motorhome
exploring the countryside 
researching new campsites and walks 
for my next walk book.

An unusual campsite

I am currently at a most unusual campsite
in more ways than one.
(Details of this in the next blog).

Whilst at this campsite
I have been joined by other visitors.
Many of them are accompanied by 
their pet dogs.

This is not at all unusual.
Lots of people who go camping take their dogs.

What mystifies me and was evident these past few days
is why so many people do not feel it necessary
to take their dogs for an actual walk when camping.
Yes they exercise their dog;

  • walk it around the camping field
    or one nearby.
  • throw a ball or frisbee
    for it to chase for a short while. 

The poor dogs.
Especially as there are some interesting walks
for dogs nearby. 

I am also mystified by those
who stay for only one night.
(It is understandable if it is for the convenience
of visiting friends or family in the area).

The surrounding vicinity of most campsites 
is unique in some way; historical, cultural, political etc.
It just needs discovering.
This is most easily done on foot
and by talking to the locals.

I have had some amazing experiences
exploring the surrounding area of campsites 
and talking to people.

Having Pearl helps.
She is an amazing introduction.

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