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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Read of the Month (Apr 2021)

So the vaccine roll out has gone well. 
Over 30 million have received a first dose
and of those over 5 million have received a second.

This time around after the third lockdown 
restrictions are being lifted more slowly.
There is about 5 weeks between each alteration
to allow time for sufficient data to be available 
to monitor changes in the impact
of the virus.

So next week we come to a significant time
for everyone.

At last we can meet up with people in small groups 
but outside only.

We can travel further afield 
for pleasure
But not abroad yet.
Having just seen the high rate of infection
in so many other countries
(there seems to be a 3rd wave in progress)
hopefully most people will stay in the UK.

What does this mean for people like me?

I can go out in my motorhome.

I can explore the countryside

For the time being we have to stay outside.
(No socializing inside yet)
We have to sit, talk and walk outside.

With the weather getting warmer and the days lengthening
there is more opportunity to be outside for longer.
Taking extensive walks across the countryside is 
possible without having to rush.

This too is good for me

I have plenty of time to find fabulous walks.

and discover the
 hidden gems of the 
British country side.

This is why I have decided

This month the Read of the Month will be my book

Wonderful Walks 

  • It suggests places to visit in the UK
  • It gives detailed instructions of 2 walks;
    a short one and an all day one.
Perfect for current restrictions. 

Dogs are optional.
I take mine everywhere with me. 

Buy it here

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