Hello to all you fellow motorhomers and welcome.
I hope you get as much fun reading this as I do writing it.

Sunday, 28 February 2021

After Lockdown

Weather is glorious.
Spring tomorrow.

Travel in the motorhome is not allowed
because of Lockdown.
Good news.
We will soon be able to use our motorhome to visit places.

Campsite in Devon

 When I was travelling about
 the south of England last summer 

I discovered a couple of faults:-

  • my fridge was smelling oddly
  • one of the trims on a wheel arch was loose
  • a hinge on the habitation door had snapped

With winter approaching and a lockdown imminent 
I decided to wait until the January to deal with this.

As I discovered the repairs were rather expensive.
However I do now have a new fridge.
Although it has a black generic door 
it still blends in with the d├ęcor.


The replacement hinge was ridiculously expensive
Yes £100.00 just for a hinge.

With the van having to go back
to the rustproofing workshop
for the annual check up
I asked if they could weld the hinge
(they are expert welders).
They kindly agreed.
The van goes into the workshop middle of March.
Again I have to empty it as much as possible
so that it won't be too heavy for the ramp.

When it comes back it will need cleaning and polishing.
Not my favourite job.
(I am going to clean the inside before it goes to the workshop).

Just to loose wheel arch trim to sort.
Hope this will be done next week.

Then Pearl and I can think about going away.

Pearl  would drive it
to her favourite places
if she could 

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