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Friday, 5 March 2021

Read of the Month (Mar 2021)

It was World Book Day 
(1st Thursday in March)

Various "book" events are held around the UK.
This is to encourage reading,
especially among children.

This celebration
was instigated in 1995 by
(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
to promote

  • reading
  • publishing
  • copyright
Why do we celebrate World Book Day in March
and the rest of the world on 23rd April?

To avoid all the other celebrations that occur then
namely, St George's Day, Easter, Shakespeare etc.

Because of the pandemic the theme this year is

"Share a Story"

This month I would like to share 2 books

They are 
  • informative (non-fiction)
  • easy to read
  • connected to radio 

They are however very different.

And Now 

As it says on the cover 
the book
celebrates our National Obsession

However it is a fascinating account of 
all the different aspects of weather
and how some of them affect the UK.

The second book would be classified 
as a "Table Book"
(It is very large and heavy)
This does not make it any less interesting.

 The Big Book
Classical Music


Again there is a clear explanation on 
the book cover.

Each page contains
interesting facts about classical music
that occurred on the same day.

A book to dip into.



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