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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Freedom and My Motorhome

Being a member of several Facebook motorhoming groups
has been illuminating.
It appears the default position is the facility motorhomes
give owners to wild camp; to pull off the road at any convenient place to spend the night.

It also seems to me they travel long distance to get to places
but I am not sure what they do when they get there. 

For me 

My dog and my motorhome on a campsite
My motorhome

    I love my motorhome,

    But I like using campsites with some facilities
    (electric hook up, toilets and showers)

This gives me freedom.

The freedom 

  • So my dog can come with me
  • To explore interesting and different places to walk
  • To mitigate the constrictions of my diet (I can cook on the motorhome)
  • To be able to make the best of British weather
  • To arrange things to suit me
  • To be able to travel with or without company (human)
Snowy Swiss Alps
Swiss Alps 


As with everything there are constraints:
  • The need to empty waste water and toilet
  • The need to fill with clean fresh water
  • Ensure safety of people and belongings
  • It is difficult to drive and look around
  • Using toilets and showers is unusual
  • Washing up is a novel activity 
  • Finally the unique drawback;
    using the motorhome for day trips requires packing everything away.

I like to stay in one place for a few days and
explore the surrounding area on foot
with my trusty four-legged companion.

Walking with my dog on a campsite
Me and my companion

It seems the default for motorhomers is to wild camp.
This is not for me because being a solo traveller

  • Safety is a concern
  • Unease due to mechanical breakdown
  • Keeping supplied off grid is too demanding for me.

I can see that there are
 different freedoms for different people.

My only caveat is the "Country Code" mantra

Leave No Trace

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