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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Super Thursday (Part 1)

 Few people will have heard of Super Thursday unless like me you happened to see the item about it on BBC News in September.

It is a day (first Thursday in September) when publishers issue b
ook titles specifically for the
Christmas market.

These are typically "coffee table" books such as 

  • Antiques Roadshow: 40 Years of Great Finds by Paul Atterbury
  • Classic FM's Big Book of Classical Music;  1000 years of music in 366 days by Darren Henley, Sam Jackson et al
  • John Craven's Countryfile Handbook by John Craven

Then there are the plethora of books; both fiction and non-fiction by "celebrities".
Go into any bookshop and they are displayed at the entrance to entice you to buy one as a present or even for yourself.

Those pundits who say books are a thing of the past should visit

  •  a bookshop 
  • a book fair.
A little while ago I went to the London Book Fair. 
The number of stands and books was mind-blowing

For me Thursday 1st October 2020 is my Super Thursday.
This is the day I launch my campaign promoting my 3 books.
To sustain interest I am going to do this over 4 posts. (This is Part 1)
Each of the remaining parts will focus on just one book.

Like most people 2020 events where I was to promote my books were cancelled.
These were;
  • 2 literary festivals
  • a motorhome show 
  • Countryfile Live
As a consequence I have several  boxes of books.
I can pop them in the post to any interested people. 

On the other hand you could purchase them from Amazon 
I know many who would rather you did not.
You may not know but Amazon sell books as a lost leader 
(at a loss but to encourage you to purchase something far more profitable; 
for example Amazon Prime).
As a result authors get very very little for their books.
They only make money if they sell millions rather than a few thousands.
Authors get a better return if you purchase from elsewhere;
preferably a bookshop or even direct from the author or publisher.

If you cannot wait for Part 2, 3, and 4 to find out what selection of books I am offering
please go to my website https://annachelmicka.me/writing/

Prices quoted are special Christmas offers.

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