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Friday, 2 October 2020

Super Thursday (Part 2)

 The first book I wish to promote is unusual because:-

  • I did not write it.  Instead I am mentioned in it..
  • It is about my father; (at least the second half)
  • The book and the author were the impetus for me to start writing.
  • It reawakened my desire to read but non-fiction rather than fiction.
The book is 

Quiet Heroes 
Rita Cosby.

The author is a well known journalist in the States.  Her father is Ryszard Kossobudzki but changed his name when he came to the US. 

Rita Cosby unexpectedly discovered information about her father's wartime experiences in Poland, particularly during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. 
The book  recounts these and how it affected their relationship and why some people behave so extraordinarily. Hence the title.

My father was also involved in the Warsaw Uprising. His story is included because he became a close friend of Ryszard  when they met in a "hospital" during the Uprisings.  They became buddies doing everything together until peace-time.

I too knew little of my father's wartime experiences as he rarely spoke about them when he was alive so this book was a revelation to me. 

This book has not been published in the UK so is not available in the usual bookshops. 
The majority of the copies online are rather expensive as many of them originate in the USA. 
Fortunately I have a few copies, which are available from my website https://annachelmicka.me/writing/

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