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Sunday, 4 October 2020

Super Thursday (Part 3)

 My second book in this small collection is also special to me because:-

  • It was the first book I wrote; a test case to ascertain whether or not I could actually write a book
  • The subject was my first dog Ruby; a memoire of sorts. If I could not write about her then writing about anything would be hopeless.
  • I self published this book; this is quicker than the usual route of using an agent then a publisher.
  • This book (as well as my magazine articles) were hugely influential in finding a publisher for my subsequent books. 
The book is 

My Friend Ruby
Anna Chelmicka  

It recounts
 how a dog can change a life.

It is true dogs can be of great help during difficult times, which is why so many people now during these uncertain times are getting puppies.

I have personally experienced how a dog can help during distressing moments.
Ruby, my first dog was not only a comfort to me when I was ill but was also hugely instrumental in life after retirement.  It is because of her I now write and take photographs.  

It was only when she went that I fully realized just how special she was and thought writing about her would be a good idea. 

Because I self-published this book (an extremely interesting experience)
I have lots of copies available. 

Details of purchase can be found on my website https://annachelmicka.me/writing/

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