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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Rain rain go away

Another day of rain.
Admittedly only what is sometime referred to as "mizzle" (mist+drizzle).
Even so it gets everything wet, especially Pearl, and adds moisture to the already wet ground.
Every time  Pearl gets home I have to rub her dry.
Some times she is so muddy I have to wash her first.

This winter we have had so much rain some parts of Britain have had serious floods.
(Yet again the thorny subject of climate change is mooted).
Here in the West Country we have just had lots and lots of rain.
There haven't been any floods but the fields are soggy and walking across them is hard work.

Because of all this rain going out in my motorhome has not been a viable proposition:

  • The Motorhome could get bogged down as the ground is so wet and soft.
  • Walking in the rain is not a favoured activity.
  • Cameras can get damaged if they get too wet.
  • Photographs of wet weather are not very appealing.
  • A wet dog in a small space like a motorhome creates an overpowering pong
  • There is not much space to hang wet clothes to dry
Best to wait for some drier weather; even some sun.
Last week the weather forecast suggested there would be some good weather this week.

Yipee I thought. A trip away would be feasible.  I even began looking for a place to go.
I changed my mind on Sunday because:
  1. When I opened the curtains first thing Sunday morning it was raining "cats and dogs" (pouring down).  Wherever I went the ground would be sodden for several days.
  2. The weather forecast I saw last week was somewhat inaccurate.  Yes it was going to be dry for a few days (about 3) but only one of these was going to be sunny.
This was no compensation for wallowing around the countryside in the wet and mud. 

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