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Monday, 30 September 2019

Read of the Month (October 2019)

This time I am early as it is not quite October yet.
The reason for this is simply that tomorrow my trip begins as I travel to Africa.

This forthcoming motorhome tour of Southern Africa has influenced my choice this month as I have been reading a lot about Africa.

The book I am currently reading is not new.  It was first published in 2006.  I have no recollection of where or how I obtained it.

It is rather a large tome so I have only read a few chapters.  Nevertheless it is fascinating and informative.
The Read of the Month (October 2019) is 

The State of Africa 


Martin Meredith

It chronicles the history of many African states from the end of WW2 up to present time.
As my knowledge of Africa is sketchy this is extremely enlightening.
Unlike the pre-African book I was reading it is not a laborious read .
This trip has opened up a new avenue of interest.  I have some more books about Africa to read. 

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