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Monday, 11 November 2019

Africa Trip (Part 1)

Well now I have completed my African Trip.

I really had no idea what to expect.
The first week was a tusanmi of different sights, sounds and people.
It was all a bit overwhelming.

With reliable internet I can resume blogging.  It was impossible to post whilst away as access to the internet, when available, was very erratic.  In addition the schedule was so packed there was just no time.

What an venture. With this being my first time:

  • In Africa
  • On a organized tour of any kind for many many years
It was all a very novel experience.

First was the meeting at the airport of the other participants in this adventure.

Second was the collection of the motorhome; 
  • removing my belongings from the suitcase into the various lockers in the motorhome
  • learning the layout and operation of the inside of it
  • learning how to drive it as it was an automatic.
  • completing the necessary paperwork
This was a lot to grasp in just a couple of hours.

Then we were off on the start of ultimately our 5,000km trip with a short drive of 75km to a shop to stock up on food and then to the first campsite of about 29 of the tour. .

What a day!!!!!!  This was just the start.  34 more days to go.

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mbriceuk said...

Waiting eagerly for Day 2 :)