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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Life repeats itself

Well only a few days and then I am off on what some have called "the trip of a life  time"

No doubt this will be an amazing experience but it will be my second "trip of a life time".

Just over 40 years ago (wow I cannot believe it was that long ago) I was preparing for another great trip; an overland journey from London in England to Sydney in Australia.

This involved travelling by bus across Europe; London to Brindisi in the SE tip of Italy.
Then a ferry to Igoumenitsa in Greece across Turkey and Asia including Iran, and Afghanistan as well as India. 
Another ferry to Malaysia and on to Thailand and Singapore. 
Finally a ship to Perth in Australia and the final leg to Sydney.

As you can see the vehicle was shipped across intervening seas

We travelled in this yellow bus which we nicknamed "Buttercup".
Here we having a lunch stop.
A group is preparing the food whilst the rest of us wait.

I am in the blue top sitting reading on the left.

The similarities between the two trips is uncanny.

1. The over-riding itinerary of both trips was to see and discover as much of the tourist and not tourist places as possible. To me this meant travelling by road wherever possible.  Both trips are long road journeys.

Inside "Buttercup"

2.  If I was going so far away I might as well do the longest trip on offer. 40 years ago I decided to go on to Australia instead of stopping at Singapore.  This time  besides South Africa I am also going other countries in Southern Africa.

3. Again I am going as a lone woman. Though both 40 years ago and now many lone women do travel independently I lack the confidence.  I prefer the protection of a group or tour. Hence 40 years ago I took a "bus" and this time I am on an organized motorhome tour.

There are some differences

1.Then from England to Australia (bus all the way); now Southern Africa (fly to and from and drive in between).
2. Then bus with bus driver:  now motorhome me driving.
3. Then 5 months:  now 5 weeks
4. Then me and most of the group young and single
now old and hopefully wiser with mostly couples.

Here I am 40 years ago trying to take a photo of the incredible salt rocks at Pamukkale in Turkey.

Even though there are these differences the pattern is uncannily similar.  I wonder if the experience will have as similar an impact as my trip 40 years ago.  We shall see.

No photos of my present trip as I have not yet been!!!!

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