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Saturday, 31 August 2019

Winterizing the Motorhome

Usually it is late November; sometime after the clocks have gone back; that I begin the process of winterizing my motorhome.

This year is very different.

I have just returned home after a trip away.
It was not an exploration or discovery outing but a business trip made much much easier because of the motorhome..
Unfortunately things took longer than expected so I did not have the opportunity to continue investigating various campsites.

Yes I know it is only the end of August.  If the rest of the year is anything indication September is going to whizz by then it will be October when the adventure begins.

September is going to be a busy month.

First I have a college reunion. This will be interesting and fun but time consuming.

Second I have to apply to various literary festivals to continue to promote my books.

Third I have to winterize the motorhome.

Fourth I have to complete preparations for a special trip.

On the 1st October I am off on the adventure of a lifetime which, even my vet, who is South African, agrees looks amazing.

I am off on a 35 day motorhome tour of Southern Africa.

Besides the practical preparations; international driving licence, malaria tablets etc I have lots of reading to do.
September is going to be a very very busy month

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