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Sunday, 18 August 2019

On Returning Home

I may travel about in a tin box but I do like some comfort namely electric hook-up, toilets and showers as the bare minimum.

Being out in the motorhome is such fun for a variety of reasons.

However being on a campsite, even one with facilities and when out walking in the countryside I find the  phone signal and wifi are generally poor.

This might be due to the fact I need a new phone; being some distance from the signal or even heavy demand from other campers. For whatever reason communication is patchy.

It is frequently possible to "connect" but because it is so slow I usually cannot be bothered.  With no TV either I tend to travel about in my own little bubble contacting people when I can.

This is wonderful but does create a slight problem.

When I finally get home there is a long list of tasks, some quite urgent.
At least it keeps me busy.
Oddly enough having so many demands encourages me to go away again and escape.
The only thing I really miss is catching up with friends.

This time though it is a bit different because I have a special big trip coming up so I MUST complete the necessary preparations.  More about this later

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