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Monday, 16 September 2019

Off to Africa

My New African Motorhome
As my impending motorhome trip to Southern Africa fast approaches I have been involved with preparations which have been rather time consuming.

Consequently I have not been out in MY motorhome nearly as frequently even though the weather has at times been glorious.

I have had to deal with some things that I have put off.  One of these was my phone.  It had developed a minor glitch (I had approached tech people to resolve it, but they were not interested).  I decided the only solution was to get a new phone. (I needed a new one anyway).

Then other unexpected difficulties have arisen, all of which took up more time.

Checking my social media somehow dropped off my radar (That is probably a generation thing).  As a result it is some while since my last blog post.

On 1st October I am off on a 35 day motorhome tour of Southern Africa.  I am a bit nervous but also a bit despondent as I am not able to take Pearl with me (will she understand?) So I will be completely on my own.

Fortunately there are 11 other motorhomes going so I will have people to talk to.

We travel independently, not in convoy.  We just have to be at the designated campsite by the evening. If we encounter a problem on the way there is someone to assist.

Though this is not my preferred way of travelling it is the best in a place that I have so little knowledge and experience of.  However I am learning fast.  By the time I return home I will know so much more.

I fly into Johannesburg.  Here I meet a college friend.  I want her to take me to a supermarket to stock up on food. (Being Coeliac I my diet is restrictive so I want some time to become a little familiar with shops in Africa before setting off.)

Then we go to the motorhome depot.  Collect our motorhomes. Then set off

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