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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Read of the Month (August 2019)

August's Read of the Month is slightly different to the usual suggestion.

Rather than a book it is a......... I am not sure how to describe it;
it is less than a book but more than a pamphlet.  I think the best description is a "Journal".  It reminds me of a collection of articles or stories or thesis; similar to a scientific journal.

Yet I think in the light of current happenings it is appropriate.

My Read of the Month is "Positive News",

 It IS a collection of articles. 

All of them are of happenings and events where people have made a valuable contribution.  The sort of of stories that rarely make the news in the usual outlets; TV, radio and newspapers because they are "good news" items so not considered newsworthy.

It is produced quarterly with each edition having a number of in depth stories.  This makes it easy to read.  (In fact one of the stories I feel is particularly relevant to me.  I am investigating it further). 

I have also discovered it is available to purchase off the shelf in Sainsburys.  It may even be in other  stores. When I visit other shops I will check it out.

Do buy a copy.  It makes very interesting reading

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