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Monday, 29 July 2019

Location, Location, Location

As the property TV programme states Location is very important, not just in choosing a house, but also when choosing a campsite.

When looking to buy a house people have different opinions both in the type of house and the location.  It is the same with campsites.

This was exemplified by the 2 campsites I visited just recently, both of which were new experiences.

My first outing was to the "Cock Inn" in Peasmarsh in East Sussex near Rye. The pub has a long interesting history.  Though it was built in 1670 during the reign of Charles II the name "The Cock" comes from an even earlier time the 12th century when Richard I was king.  It refers to the traditions of chivalry as practised by the knights of old.  During the pre-tournament meal where the knights made their vows a peacock in all its wonderful plumage was served.

This local pub has a large static park behind it as well as a much much smaller grass field for tourers at the side. It has a new modern amenities block on the other side of the pub. There are many walks of varying length some from the rear of the campsite despite that fact a few of the paths were inaccessible because of overgrown produce (beans I think).

The two walks I did was a wood walk where I got wet in a downpour.  The other was an explore of the medieval city of Rye (very interesting) and then the walk home.

The other campsite I went to was Windermere Camping and Caravanning Club Site.  As is usual with club sites it was well organized, clean and an absolute delight.

There was a dog walk but it was very basic; nowhere for Pearl to chase her frisbee.  Also with sheep about I had to be careful about letting her off in the fields.
The sheep even migrated onto the campsite.

Also the walks were unexciting especially for Pearl because of the plethora of sheep in many fields. The number and variety of walks improved after we had gone more than a mile over the fields to the nearby village.

However, Pearl and I discovered some lovely places. In addition to a playing field where Pearl could chase her frisbee we discovered access to the river where she could have a swim.

On one of the walks we had to take a detour along a minor road because of a bull in the field.   I decided not to cross the field because of the cows at the top of the hill right across the proposed path.  It was only later as the road passed the field I saw that there was also a bull with the cows.  Oh how relieved I was.

Two enjoyable campsites for very different reasons at contrasting locations

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