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Monday, 5 August 2019

Positive News

I imagine many of you are like me and find the news as presented in newspapers, on TV and radio very depressing.   
There seems to be nothing but conflict of all kinds.  
The exception is usually events involving the Queen and her family.  Then we are inundated with every minute detail.  
Enough already.

A friend of mine agreed with me.  She too feels the same.  

In order to  inject a modicum of equilibrium into the situation she subscribes to a publication called “Positive News”.  
She was very persuasive and mention some interesting ideas.  
I decided to look into it and eventually subscribed to it myself.

It is a quarterly publication and the summer edition had just been circulated so that was the edition I received the other day.

I was surprised to discover the format was similar to a quality journal not a newspaper.  The paper was good quality and the spine was unexpectedly stiff making it a bit like a large paperback book.  

The content however was definitely newsy; but in a manner which celebrates achievements.

As indicated it is a substantial publication so I am still working my way through it.  The article which especially interested me was the one examining democracy and how a town council involved people in re-vitalizing their community.  It was very interesting and uplifting.  This is typical of the stories in this news publication.  

Reports are from all over the world and cover all events, not just political.

I notice the Patron is Sir Martyn Lewis CBE.  A television news presenter and journalist.  To me this indicates the journalistic aims of the publication are vigorous.  

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