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Monday, 29 April 2019


It astonishes me how often the unexpected can result from unplanned, frequently incidental happenings.
(Maybe there is a lesson in this!)

My food shopping on this particular occasion was much quicker than usual.  As I had arranged to meet my daughter in the shop I decided to pass the time by looking at the vast range of magazines the store stocked.  I slowly moved along the aisle. What a plethora of magazines covering a huge rang of topics.

First I spotted "Practical Caravan" magazine.   As it was not in a cellophane envelope and having been told my book, "Wonderful Walks from Dog-friendly Camspites throughout the UK" had been requested by a caravan magazine as a prize, I decided to have a quick  flick through it.  Imagine my delight when I saw my book featured in it; but not as a prize. I looked around for someone to tell.  I could not find anyone whom I felt I could approach.

I then spotted "Practical Motorhome" and grabbed this to have a quick look.  Yes my book was in there too and the write up in both magazines  were almost identical and not bad.

Looking at the array of magazines I saw MMM (Motorhome Monthly Magazine).  It was encased in a large cellophane envelope and seemingly containing several publications in addition to the magazine.  There was no way I could check this magazine without buying it.

I was so thrilled at featuring in the other 2 magazines I bought both MMM and Practical Motorhome.

On arriving at home, a celebratory cup of tea was required whilst I savoured the moment.  I was browsing through MMM reminiscing about my contributions to the magazine .
(I had a momentary pang of despondency at not still writing for them.  I would have found it very stressful writing regular articles for the magazine and a book.  The book won out).

I was close to the end when again I spotted my book featured.  It was a thrilling moment.

I then read the review.
A good review but not especially clear.
This did not concern me too much.

It is an achievement just to be featured positively in a magazine, let alone three of them.

Whilst I was doing this my daughter was googling the book.  As expected it is on Amazon.

(I'm not a fan of that company because of their business practices and employee working conditions.  As a result I only use them if there is no other choice.
I have to consider them because so many other people do use them).

There is only 1 review on Amazon and it is not very favourable.  On reading the review it is because I did not include any campsites in the counties of Lincolnshire and Norfolk.  So all you people who have bought the book please go to Amazon and write a review.

Google also informed me that the book has been listed as a prize in a Dog Magazine; on checking this out it appears it is an instagram prize. It is difficult to find; this may be due to my ineptitude.

What has happened to the prize in the Caravan Magazine?  I was unable to find any evidence of this.

Googling my book and name definitely makes me feel like an author as both books appear on various sites.

The most prestigious, though not necessarily the most effective, is The Guardian Bookshop where you can find "Wonderful Walks..." book.

Now I just need to sell them in significant numbers.

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