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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

House Bound 2

Though I wrote this on 25th March 2019, somehow I forgot to actually publish it. 

The weather forecast for this coming week promises fine sunny weather.  This is exactly the type of weather I like to go out and about with Pearl in my motorhome.

I seriously thought of going despite the fact that Pearl is in season.

My outing this morning convinced me it was not a good idea.

We were on our customary walk with female doggie friends of Pearl's.

Whilst we were walking around the field we met up with a male doggie friend.  Despite him being being "done" or "firing blanks" he was very interested in Pearl.  More disturbingly Pearl quite enjoyed his attentions.

Such a scenario does not bode well for outings to unfamiliar places, people and dogs even if such outings exhausted her.


Wait until Pearl's season has finished and hope the weather is still good.

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