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Thursday, 11 April 2019


Pearl's season was almost finished so I decided to plan a trip.

No worries about the state of the motorhome.  I had found someone to clean the outside of it.  What a fabulous job he did.

Surely deciding where and when to go would be easy. 

I had a list of the campsites I wanted to visit.  Deciding which one to go to was difficult.  I was unsure how far to travel and how long it would be convenient for me to be away.  Another factor was the proximity of other campsites I wished to visit.

Having finally made a decision, contrary to my usual custom, a few days in advance of my intended stay I phoned to book a pitch.  I was staggered to  be told the campsite was still closed for the winter season and it would more than a week before it opened. 

This rather took the wind out of my sails. 

Then the curse of emails.  I had to attend to some urgent matters regarding the upcoming book signing. (More about this in the next blog).

Finally all was quiet and I could get away.  I eventually decided where to go. I phone the campsite to book a pitch for the next day.  I was told they would have to look and they would phone me back.

I waited and waited not sure quite what to do. Uncertainty is a major de-motivator.  Ultimately I phoned them twice more only to be told they was insufficient space for me.   Now to find somewhere else.  My third choice campsite was much more efficient and accommodating.  Yes they had space for me.

Then the evening before I was due there was a family setback.  As a consequence I decided to delay my departure by 24 hours.

All this shilly-shallying meant I missed the best of the sunny weather.  I just hope all goes well for tomorrow and the next few days are not too cloudy

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