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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Read of the Month (Jan 2019)

So it is the start of a New Year;  2019.

St. Mark's Venice
Typically newspapers, magazines et al are awash with  holiday advertisements.  In keeping with the commercial calendar I thought that January's Read of the Month should also reflect holidays.

The mention of holidays means different things to different people.

Given the title of this blog it is as plain as a pikestaff  or at least the clue is obvious the type of holidays I like;  outings in a motorhome.   Even so there are different types of motorhome outings. As my forthcoming book indicates I prefer unassuming places where I can walk and appreciate the amazing countryside.

What kind of holidays do you like?

The Read of the Month (Jan 2019) is not a travel book in the conventional sense.  It is not about a journey or holiday and it is not about a specific place.  It is more about the history of holidays in Britain. Hence the title;

     Cream Teas, Traffic Jams and Sunburn by Brian Viner.

It is entertainingly written; funny, witty and acutely observant which made it easy to read. Many of the traditions Brian Viner explores chime with my personal experiences.  It is also informative: I learnt about the introduction of bank holidays and weekends.  His inclusion of personal anecdotes and lack of righteousness was an excellent blend.  He also references other books which invites one to seek them out. 

An engaging and enjoyable read.

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