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Friday, 28 December 2018

Winter Solstice

For me, travelling in my motorhome is not at all pleasant once the clocks go back in late October until several weeks after the winter solstice or "midwinter" as it is sometimes described. 

On occasions trips in early November are possible if the weather is especially sunny.  Such was the case this year.

I had a wonderful outing to Warwickshire. I stayed at a campsite attached to a pub with a very distinctive name;- Cottage of Content.   From here I took a bus to Stratford-on-Avon. 

After a brief explore of the city I then walked back to the campsite via The Shakespeare Way. 

What a fabulous excursion. 
The views, though not spectacular, were pleasing and relaxing and the Trail was really easy to follow.

My only concern was to reach the campsite before it got dark.  This would not have been a problem if:-

  • At the start of the trail, in Stratford, I had begun the walk on the right path.
  • If Pearl had not been so large with the impending litter and we could have walked faster. 
Anyway we did manage to make it back to the motorhome before it was too dark.  Short days (long nights) hugely limit walking options.  This is why I am disinclined to take the motorhome out in the winter. 

For me celebrations begin at the Winter Solstice or "midwinter".  The days may lengthen by only a few minutes each day but somehow it seems much more.  I can at last begin to make plans for outings.

First I have to prepare the motorhome:-

  • Get it serviced
  • Wash the outside. (A difficult job becasue it is so big)
  • Polish it.
  • Clean the inside
  • Purchase equipment if necessary.

Once this has all been done off I go chasing the sun.
Time to plan.

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