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Friday, 18 January 2019


Gadgets here, gadgets there, gadgets everywhere;

platforms here, platforms there, platforms everywhere.

 (I don't mean railway platforms though they do take you places and keep you in touch with friends and family).

The recent technological advances have resulted in a new digital age.  This is all very confusing, especially for us older folk who, on the whole, have managed very well up to now.   Associating with with youngsters helps people learn what technology can offer. 

This happened to me with regard to the ipod. 

My introduction to this new piece of technological equipment opened up a whole new experience for me.  It was not so much the amount of music I could carry around with me as the huge number and variety of "podcasts" I could download and listen to whenever I wished. 

The best way to describe a podcast is as a "dialogue feature", thus many podcasts are converted or re-issued radio programmes.  The "podcast" world is remarkable, quite mind-blowing. 

Are you a inhabitant of this world?

Do check it out; it is entertaining, amusing and informative.

Most of us probably adhere to the adage "necessity is the mother of invention" first noted in Roman times, supposedly by Plato.  As technology becomes more main stream so it becomes necessary for people to become more savvy technologically.  Unfortunately tutors in modern technology are rare so coming to grips with all things digital is usually rather a hit and miss affair.  This too I have had experience of.

The switch to digital cameras resulted in a huge learning curve for me not only to maximize the full potential of these elaborate gadgets but also in learning how to manipulate an image.  It is a similar situation with mobile phones and the plethora of sophisticated software now easily available. (I'm still trying to get to grips with the potential of smart phones). Then there are drones.  Seeing the fun it gave a friend I was encouraged to add one to my list of digital devices.  However I had second thoughts partly due to the recent incidences at various UK airports which highlighted the complications and also my lack of time.

Attending courses sometimes with the dogs
I am always looking for tutoring of some kind and as a result I have been on several courses. Some have been excellent some less so but I have always managed to garner some benefit. 

I needed enormous help to master digital cameras.  Fortunately I had opted for a Canon camera so was able to access the courses run by EOS Training Academy (www.eostrainingacademy.co.uk) which is dedicated to Canon cameras only. 

Another extremely useful course was a blogging course organized as part of the Guardian Masterclass scheme. 

Next week I am going on another course where I am hoping to learn more about Instagram and thus use this platform and my phone more efficiently.

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