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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Advanced Reader Copy

An extra blog post because this week was special.

Firstly it was a very busy week.

  • The motorhome was due to have its big service in preparation for forthcoming outings.  My car did not seem to be running very well.  With three long trips scheduled for this week I thought it best for my mechanic to service the car instead and do the van another time. The car now runs like a dream.
  • I had a night out with the netball ladies.
  • I had booked to go to Birmingham for an instagram course.  It was excellent.
  • I was off to London to visit friends.
  • I had a meeting in Wales.
This was all very eventful and exciting.  It paled into insignificance on Friday. 

I was very surprised to receive a parcel in the post on Friday. I studied the outside of the envelope thoroughly to ensure it WAS for me.  Then I noticed a Veloce Publisher return sticker.  

Despite my eagerness I carefully opened the envelope. Gently I slid out a bubble wrapped object and could see though the wrapping the cover of my book.

It was an Advanced Reader Copy.  (Copies of books sent to people before publication for them to review). 

 I was so excited I spent the next few minutes jigging around the room even though I had to not even opened the book. Though my cavorting about confused Pearl she was happy to joined in.

I have subsequently looked at my ARC.  It is wonderful.

The publication date is 15th February 2019. 

I will be doing book signings.. Come along and get a signed copy.

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Unknown said...

Fantastic news Anna! Fame and fortune here you come!!