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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Purchasing My Book

In my excitement at receiving an actual copy of my book

I forgot to mention where it can be purchased.

I am not sure of all the outlets pre-publication.
At present it is available  

 From the publishers                       http://www.hubbleandhattie.co.uk/shop/HH5045/

  From me

 From a  book signing event.  
 for details of up and coming signings.

Review of book (first one) from 
Dog Training Weekly

WOW WOW WOW cracker of a book this one! Truly superb for all us doggy people who like to camp away with our kids (four-legged, of course).

Twenty-three campsites that are dog-friendly with forty-five circular walks consisting of every terrain. Footpaths, walking trials, beaches, fields, and many diverse environments with ‘short walks’ of four to six miles, and more challenging, full day walks of up to eleven miles. 

The walks are divided into seven regions and all are possible with dogs. The dogs, as well as owners, need to be agile enough to manage stiles, fences and walls, as well as the occasional sheep-proof stile that will require a good heave over, assuming not too big to lift (dogs not owners!). This is a selection of walks rather than a comprehensive guide, none of which is particularly challenging: however, a reasonable degree of fitness is helpful, and a moderate level of stamina.

Personally, I really love the exacting description of each of the walks so that there is no doubt where you should be going (I am renowned for getting lost!). Instructions are precise such as ‘ keep close to hedge, cross the style next to the gate and beside tree.' There is a variety of landscapes to choose from with many points of interest in each, pubs, etc, noted for stops where there are some. Hills and mountains, valleys and flat fields, towns and cities, many with historical interest, forests, coasts and countryside.
Written by Anna Chelmicka when she retired and travelled around the UK and Europe in her motorhome with her dog, Ruby, Amber (Ruby’s daughter), and then Pearl, (Ruby’s great granddaughter). Anna realised there was little documented on camping with dogs, and even less about decent walks for them. She began taking notes and photographs, and these were published in Motorhome Monthly Magazine.

Now compiled into a book that will certainly be tucked into our camping gear and no doubt well used, I shall also be recommending it to many of my doggy friends who camp around the countryside. Only wish there were a few more to the series …. maybe there will be one day?! Five star rating from me.  

Only £14.99 published by Hubble and Hattie. Available February 2019 in the UK.

I'm so pleased.

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Amazing review! Definitely deserves more!