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Monday, 29 October 2018

Last Trip of 2018

With good weather forecast for  the next few days I decided to go away in my motorhome.  It would be the last trip of 2018 for several reasons:-

  1. Pearl is due to have puppies in early November.  I will be busy for the rest of 2018 looking after them
  2. The days may be sunny but they are rapidly getting shorter and for me this impacts on the walks; one cannot afford to get lost.
  3. It is also getting colder.  Though I have heat in the motorhome the shell is metal after all and always cold on the feet.
I went to 2 campsites both close to pubs or bars.  I had been to them both before.

The first one I went to was in Warwickshire.  The campsite was behind the pub with the unusual name of "Cottage of Content". Pearl and I took the bus to Stratford on Avon.  We took an open top bus around the sights of Stratford and then walked back to the campsite along the Shakespeare Way.  The day was glorious and the route was fairly easy to follow; the views were delightful rather than spectacular. 
Even so a wonderful outing.

Because the campsite was fully booked over the weekend I had to find somewhere else to stay.  It was probably just as well I left because big noisy Halloween celebrations were planned which included a bonfire and fireworks.  Not the best activities for dogs. 

I went to Mellington Hall Caravan Park in Powys, Wales.  This is a fabulous campsite for dogs as they have acres and acres of woods in which to exercise dogs.  The bar and restaurant
situated in the main building are first class; they are comfortable and sumptuous.  I did not stay as long as I planned primarily because it turned so cold there was even a few flakes of snow.  

Also Pearl suddenly got very big.  I wanted to be home when she had her puppies so this has been my last trip of 2018.

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