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Monday, 22 October 2018

Last Motorhome trip for 2018

Pearl and I are doing the final preparations to set off on our last motorhome trip of 2018 before:

1. The nights get so short.
2. Before Pearl has her puppies.

We are going to Warwickshire, to a campsite at the back of a pub.  This pub has an intriguing name "Cottage of Content". 

I have been there before; it is a lovely site in a charming location.  Unfortunately I can only stay 3 nights as it is fully booked for the weekend.  It was similar the last time I went so I have not done the long walk.  I plan on taking a bus to Stratford and walking back to the campsite via Stratford Way.  Let's hope the weather holds so  this last trip in the motorhome results in some special memories. 

I am not sure if I will stay at another campsite for the weekend or return home.  As usual I will see how the mood takes me and what unfolds.  This is the joy of a motohome: the ease with which one can up and move on.

I am considering going to another amazing campsite in Powys; Mellington Hall Caravan Park.  This too has a bar and restaurant attached; (rather the campsite is attached to the bar and restaurant).  Here the magnificent building "The Hall" is an hotel.  The campsite is set in part of the 270 acres.  Also on site are beautiful  landscape spaces and several acres of woods with special trails.  It is a fabulous place for dogs as well as people.  

I might just go there for a couple of nights as I need to complete the short walk this time.  I had a fabulous time last time I was there.

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