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Thursday, 11 October 2012


Anticipating that I would finish the Big Clean by the weekend and realizing that September had come and gone I was having withdrawal symptoms.  I NEEDED some time away in the van.
With the inexorable passage of October my time in Poland seemed to recede at warp speed. I had to keep reminding myself that I did not get back to England until the beginning of September. That was only a short time ago.
The balmy September weather lulled me and my feet began to itch to make the most of it and be off somewhere, anywhere.
So I got out my diary and saw blank spaces from Sunday through to Wednesday. Great I can leave on Sunday and return Wednesday in time for my Thursday meetings. So began my search for somewhere interesting to stay not TOO far away. Out came the camping books and on went the computer.
I found 3 possible destinations. I checked them on an Ordinance Survey map for plenty of walks that are easily accessible from the campsites. All of them look suitable. Then I checked the weather forecast.  Horrible. Though the three choices were in different parts of the country the weather forecast was not good anywhere.
OK Sunday (departure day). Steady drizzle on Monday (day 1) Rain Tuesday (day 2). Patchy rain on Wednesday (retuning day). Not especially appealing. With all the rain we have had this year there could be a problem with the ground. The last thing I want is to get stuck. So I decided not to go away. This really disconcerted me as it is an action replay so much of the rest of the year.
As if to endorse the idea that a few days away at this time is not a sensible proposition my diary began to fill up and the final cleaning tasks of the van stretched out and took much longer than expected.  
I still have not quite finished cleaning the inside of the van. Every day during the past week when I went into the van I thought to myself "Oh good nearly finished" only to find something else that I had forgotten to clean. Of course now the nights are drawing in so I cannot continue after tea. This time I HAVE nearly finished and have only a few small tasks mostly related to putting things back in the van like the dogs beds. Will it be done by the next entry‼! Watch this space.

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