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Thursday, 18 October 2012


I find going away in the van stimulating. It provides time and space for my imagination to roam freely. This period of reflection often results in the formulation of various projects. I carefully note these down to action when I return home.
During my recent sojourn away I thought long and hard about photography, (a hobby of mine). As a consequence I decided that I wanted to improve and take photographs that are “stunning”. At present I am not bad and have taken some good photographs but I now wish to up my game. To do this I need to take more photographs. Unfortunately I am not the type of photographer who can take photos of anything. I need a reason to take them.
This was why I so appreciated the opportunity to take photographs of netball matches, It was a reason to take many many photos. Mind you lots of them got discarded because of people spoiling the shot at the last moment. If you are interested in seeing some of the photographs go to www.netballreports.co.uk.
Therefore I decided to enter as many photographic competitions as possible. (This would give me a reason to take photographs.)
I have just entered my first competition.
It was organized by the Wanderlust Magazine in conjunction with the Independent paper I think‼! (Not 100% sure about that).

Laying wreaths

I have entered the portfolio category. This consists of a maximum of 5 photographs that are connected in some way. The overarching theme is travel because Wanderlust is a travel magazine.
My five photographs are all about the Celebrations that occur in Warsaw (Poland) on 1st August to commemorate the Warsaw Uprising.
There are huge celebrations all over the city. Some of them involve parades by all the uniformed organizations including youth groups. Some are more formal involving official institutions and some are military.  Some of the tributes at the smaller plaques and monuments are more personal. At this time all over the city flags, flowers and remembrance lights can be seen. I found it very moving, especially as the event happened over 68 years ago. Also it is only recently, since the overthrow of Communism that the Polish people have been allowed to commemorate this historic occasion.
All monuments are decorated.
Police Saluting
Because the order to rise up against the German occupying forces was given on 1st August at 5pm, this is the date chosen to mark the event. At 5pm there is a special city wide tribute. Everyone stops and stands for a short period. All vehicles sound their horns and bells ring so there is a cacophony of sound whilst the population is totally still with all uniformed personnel saluting. It is a truly spine tingling occasion. After a couple of minutes the noise ceases and everyone continues about their business. Indescribable.

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