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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Big Clean

I really enjoyed the long trip to Poland during the summer in my motorhome with my daughter and the dogs. I had a marvellous time.
Now the van needs a really good clean both inside and out. This is a good opportunity to check things and do any necessary repairs.
Motorhome Magazines offer a lot of useful advice but they also make everything look so easy.  Their illustrated instructions imply that all you have to do is follow first Picture 1, then Picture 2, Picture 3 etc. Job done. Everything is clean, neat, tidy and finsihed.  My mobile repairer Mike Smart belongs to the same club. When he is asked his reply is "just do A, B and C" then all finished.
Well either I am stupid or I don't have sufficient knowledge or experience. I like to think it is the latter.
As the end of my trip coincided with summer drawing to a close I thought it would be good to give my van a thorough clean. After all it has been some time since it last had one. Unfortunately much as I wanted to get stuck in straight away I was unable to make a start until the second week back.
Dogs in the van
It took a surprisingly long time to clear everything out
  • remainder of the food
  • clothes
  • electronic gadgets and accessories
  • dog paraphernalia (what a lot of that there was)
  • books and magazines etc etc
I couldn't believe what I found. Was it really necessary to take so much?
The Inside
Anyway I eventually began the task. What a mammouth job. Four weeks later and I am still at it.
One of the reasons it is taking so long is I have been looking for suitable cleaning agents at reasonable prices, particularly for the stainless steel hob of the oven. 
I have been doing quite well and so I am now beginning to re-stock the cupboards.  This is taking almost as long as the clearing out.  Far longer than I anticipated:-
  • do I actually need it?
  • is this the  most precipitious place for it?
  • does it too require a once over?
Me cleaning the outside
I have so nearly finished. Just the stove to clean. (Hope the new product I purchased works!)    When that is done at least I will be able to go away in my motorhome. I can clean the outside later.
The window cleaners offered to do this for £20. Seems a good deal to me as they will undoubtedly clean the roof better than I can, even though I use a ladder.  All I will have to do then is polish it.
Should the weather hold up could all be done by the next entry. Let's hope so!!!

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