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Saturday, 27 October 2012

How Time Flies

I cannot believe how time flies. It is already more than a week since my last entry. What have I been busy doing in that time? Nothing different and exciting, either as far as motorhoming is concerned or in general.
One of the reasons why the time has whizzed by is daily uncertainly of events. 
I had hoped to go away in the van this week (a continual wish of mine).
Due to commitments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings my trips have to be during the latter part of the week. This Thursday I had to take poor Amber to the consultant vet as she has something in her eye.  This took much of the day. The good news was that it was not cancerous. The bad news was that it did need some VERY expensive treatment.  This information necessitated a period of reflection.
Also the possibility of work in Wales was a factor in when and where I took a break. At the last moment this too came to nothing.  I was left a bit in limbo and as a consequence ended up not doing anything very much.
Next week looks better so perhaps I can manage something then. We shall see.  

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