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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Well after a REALLY early start, 4.30am (yes that's right up with the larks), we saw our visitor off at the airport.
The van had been collected after a service and MOT. Bit of a shock this. 
It was just as well that a service and MOT was due. The brakes were not in a very good condition. All has been sorted.
Now the vehicle is already for the off except.............it needs a clean inside and out.
Each day I start with the intention of starting the process of creating a spick and span van. Each day I am thwarted, most often by the weather. It seems pointless to wash the van in the rain and it is impossible to polish it.
Likewise cleaning the inside. Getting to and from the van in the recent inclement weather results in more mess as the wet and damp conditions are trekked into the van.  Also other urgent matters arise that take longer than I anticipate and leave little time to start the mamouth task.
I had hoped to go away for a few days over the weekend but the weather forecast was not very promising. In fact apart from one or two moments of "summer weather" it was generally going to continue to be wet.
Rather than squeeze in a couple of nights somewhere I decided to cut my losses and work on my new website http://www.motorhomemeanderings.co.uk/.
Please do look at it. It is a work in progress and I am planning on adding to it each week especially if I do not go away.
With more visitors on their way it looks as if I am going to be a homebird for yet another week. Who knows!!!

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