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Saturday, 7 July 2012

If you are a duck the past few weeks have been the best ever. Unfortunately I don't take ducks away in my motorhome but dogs. 
They are quite happy to go out when it is wet.
However taking them out in the rain is a mission. It takes a considerable time to dress appropriately, putting on waterproof leggings and a good raincoat. On my return space is needed to hang up the wet garments to allow them to drip and the dogs need a rub down. This is a messy operation as not only do they move about but during the process they shake several times spraying droplets of dirty water.
No matter how much they are rubbed down they still emit an unpleasant smell. In a small enclosed space such as the interior of the motorhome this is to be avoided if possible.
With only the odd clear day it has seemed pointless trying to squeeze in short trips.  As a result I have not been away since the last spell of fine weather just before the Jubilee.

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