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I hope you get as much fun reading this as I do writing it.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Despite all my best intentions I have not yet established a regular entry. I have decided not to do a daily report as I will definitely not keep this up especially when travelling about but instead to do a weekly one, like an article for a magazine. Careful consideration over the past few days has resulted in my deciding that the best day for me to do a weekly entry is a Wednesday. This I hope will be the first of a regular contribution.
With regards to motor meanderings over the past week there has been little meandering. My previous wandering was just before the Jubilee celebrations.  I managed to go away for a couple of nights during the nice sunny weather at the end of May. Warm and sunny it was in stark contrast to the recent weather.
Since then not only has the weather been terrible (heavy rain and dogs do not make for a relaxed outing in a motorhome), we had guests from the colonys and the van needed an MOT and service. The guest has now moved on and the van has acquired the necessary MOT after some very necessary and essential work on the brakes. Now I con consider where next with the motorhome especially as the weather today was glorious. I will contemplate!!!

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