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Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Puppy in a Motorhome(or not)

 At what age do you take a puppy out in a motorhome?

Even though I have had 3 puppies previously 
I cannot remember when I first took them out in the motorhome

Last year my wonderful dog Pearl had a
third litter.
They were born on 1st November
She had 6 puppies
All boys.

I kept one of the puppies even though I would have prefered a bitch.

I have called him Pippin
because that goes well with Pearl.
Pearl is so patient, allowing
him to sleep "on top" of her
even now he is bigger.

Pippin is very good at just 6 months.
We have been away in the motorhome 
but only for day trips.
I am not sure if Pearl aproves.
I intended to then go away just 
for one night as a trial.

This did not happen as I got Covid.
Now I am not sure what to do.

He is still not consistently clean all through the night.
I think this is partly my fault.
Would he behave differently in the motorhome?

Should I try going away over night with him?
If so when?

Any suggestions welcome.

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