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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Read of the Month (July 2020)

Rather than being serious it is the intention of this blog to be informative;
hence the "Read of the Month" books are all non-fiction.

This world is incredible;

Few have the resources to experience all the world has to offer.
Books help to illuminate various aspects of the complexities of this awesome place.

However events at this time demand an honesty and thoughtfulness
and also a genuine appreciation of what we have.

Here books, especially non-fiction and sometimes biographies and auto-biographies can help.

This months selection is a life story of three generations of Chinese women.

Wild Swans


Jung Chang

The oldest (grandmother) experienced life under the Chinese Emperor
The mother's life experiences were in the era of Chairman Mao.
The youngest is no longer living in China.

I am reluctant to say too much about this book as how it affect a reader very much depends upon what the reader brings to it.

I have also selected this book because of the current world situation
as well as events in Hong Kong.
China has long been a mysterious country and remains so today.
This book lets one peep through the curtain to see a tiny segment.

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