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Friday, 26 June 2020


Pearl on left, Toby on right
Pearl has really enjoyed her son, Toby's company.

So much so I have thought of having another litter with her and keeping one of the puppies.

What an amazing coincidence!

No sooner did that thought occur to me than I had not one but several messages enquiring about puppies.

I had enquires from:-
  • People who had wanted a puppy from a previous litter. They sensibly changed their minds as their circumstances altered.
  • A friend made inquires on behalf of someone she knew who had not long lost a Labrador.
  • A member of staff at the vet's also inquired after the possibility of puppies
  • Another friend again asked on behalf of someone she knew.
Is this a "Lockdown" phenomenon.

As far as I am concerned NO.
I have had litters before and many enquiries for puppies
Pearl has already had two litters.

Whatever the reason people were looking for puppies I needed to think very carefully if and when I would have a final litter with Pearl, especially as I have just discovered she has come into season

I need to take into consideration

  • Pearl's age. She will be 6 this year
  • The time of year to have a litter (May and June are difficult as the puppies are ready to go to their new homes during the summer).
  • Most importantly the contract for a second "Walking" book.
The deadline for the completed manuscript is August 2021.

Having a litter now would prevent me doing research during September and October this year as Pearl and I will be fully occupied looking after the puppies
Again when I resume my research in March. April etc next year I will have a 6 month puppy.  Not a good time to go on long walks. 

The sensible thing is to have the litter as soon as possible after August 2021 

I have decided to be sensible.
Now I can concentrate on my second book.

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