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Sunday, 26 July 2020

My First 2020 Motorhome Outing.

I was unable to do my usual Thursday post because
  • I was on a campsite
  • There appeared to be wifi but unusually I did not have a laptop with me. (That is another saga).
Because of so much uncertainty I only booked 5 nights
This was just as well as the weather was awful on the last day.  
The forecast for the following week was not much better.

For 4 days the weather was glorious and 

Lydford Campsite was wonderful

They had an ingenious way of limiting numbers in the facilities block.
On the outside of both the ladies and the gents there were 3 numbered tiles on hooks.
If you wanted to use the facilities you took a numbered tile;
and entered the block
On exiting you hung it back on the hook.
If there were no tiles you waited outside until one was available..

Pearl also enjoyed the campsite.
Just a few minutes walk away was a large playing field.

Here there was plenty of space 
to chase her frisbee

The walking was not so good as several of the footpaths and bridleways led to a busy road or a barrier like a gate. 

Finding suitable routes was time consuming and challenging. 
We found one up over the moors that was just amazing.
It also allowed me to check out the competition 
(The campsite behind the pub).
This was better that either the website or reviews indicated. 
I need to return to finalized details for the book and take more photographs.

My new camera is good but I have not yet mastered its quirks and so silly errors often occur in the photos.  
I did however manage to take a panoramic shot. 
It is not too bad.
What do you think?

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