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Thursday, 16 July 2020

At last a Motorhome Outing

I have taken the plunge and decided to go away in my motohome for a few days. 
This will be my first outing since last September.

The reasons are very simple

  • I toured Southern Africa in a hired motohome for October and part of November (A wonderful trip).
  • I sustained a severe muscle bruise in November which took a long time to heel.  (Driving was tiring)
  • Then the weather became very wet. (I was worried about getting stuck in the mud).
  • Finally just as I made plans Lockdown happened. 

Campsites have now been allowed to open.

They have to be Covid secure so I a going to see how this is achieved.

As I have a contract for a second walking book I need to continue the research as soon as possible.
The second walk book also looks for routes directly from campsites.
This time I am looking for campsites near pubs.

It may sound straight forward but it is not.

  • The site I would like to go has not updated the information on its website for a considerable time so I do not know if it open for business.
  • The reviews of the site are off putting.   

I am going to another campsite close by.
Unusually I have booked my visit. 
(I don't generally do this until the day before departure.
Campsites are getting fully booked very quickly).

This alternative campsite is only 10 minutes/ half a mile from a pub.  
Its information is up to date.
I will check out both campsites whilst away and see which to include in my book.

Where am I going? Dartmoor. 
I can't wait. 

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