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Thursday, 27 February 2020

Back at Last

Hurray; my motorhome is back at last.
Where has it been?

It has been at a special garage “Buzzeweld” having its bottom painted; (the underneath rust-proofed).

I had this done because
  • My wonderful mechanic JB Auto advised I have it done if I intended to keep the motorhome which I do.

  • At the last service rust was discovered so some welding was necessary (rather expensive).  Unless I took radical action this would occur at frequent intervals.

So to prevent further rust and big bills I sent my motorhome off to be treated.

It all took a bit longer than expected (and a bit more expensive than planned).


  • Well lots of rust was found and needed to be treated.  It seemed sensible to get it treated.  The rust proofing would then be more effective

Buzzweld did a fabulous job

  • Besides rust proofing the company also did other cosmetic work.  Noticing parts of my motorhome looked like her owner – in need of a bit of rejuvenating - suggestions were made for additional work.

In for a penny in for a pound; so I agreed 


My bumper was painted black

 My wheels cleaned and treated. 

My motorhome looked fabulous.

All I need now was for it to be washed and polished. 
(I find it difficult to do the top part of the motorhome even though I have a platform ladder because of balance issues). 

The man who cleans the hire motohomes took time out to do mine. 
He is brilliant.  
He managed to wash it even though there were showers.  
Polishing it is on hold until the weather is brighter. 

Now I need to clean the inside and replace everything (A big job)

Then hopefully the weather will have improved and I can be start this years adventure

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